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Just same as other industries, medical moduled products manufacturers also have been seeking good solutions for reducing costs, improving product quality and prolonging service life. When choosing materials for new medical devices and equipment, engineers need to consider various factors such as biocompatibility, eligibility, adjustment, and cost. Consequently, LSR(Liquid Silicone Rubber) has become a new choice for injection molding manufacturers. Packson invests in two ISO class 8 cleanrooms for LSR medical molding. We specialized in making injection medical mouduled products such as disposable catheters for BD 24 hours and send out more than 200K pcs to the USA every week. Please feel free to contact us if you need a full solution to LSR molding.

Production Process of Medical Silicone Rubber Parts

Production Process of Medical Silicone Rubber Parts

For medical silicone rubber parts especially for LSR molding, it's good for making complex designs and ideal for parts with various details such as undercuts or thin wall sections. In every medical grade silicone injection molding production process, we strictly control to ensure the stability of medical moulded products and the fluency of the process. For the production department, they will make a production plan according to the standard operating procedure of part and then carry out production. Offering high-quality medical moulded products is always our primary goal so we control every production process by ISO standard.

  • Preparation and Color Matching

Before production, technicians will arrange color matching and mixing according to the specifications of the medical moulded products. They will also make adjustments immediately once the result is not very good.

  • Production

After we confirm all information of material specifications, the operator will make the first sample for quality worker checking.

  • Process Inspection

During medical grade silicone injection molding operation, the quality workers will go to a workshop for checking samples for the issues of appearance and audit tolerance at least 3 times.

  • Processing

After getting confirmation from the quality department, the operator will start to make the regular running of molding.

  • Quality Control

The quality control department starts to make dimension reports for the parts according to the issues like size, hardness, thickness, appearance, printing, burr, and other items.

  • Packaging

After inspection, the production department will arrange to pack up the parts according to the customer's requirement.

  • Shipment

Finally, the medical moulded products parts will be shipped to the address where specified by the customer.  For overseas delivery, we can work with you in a variety of ways like ocean shipment, air freight, and express delivery.

Medical Silicone Rubber Parts Samples Show

Baby Silicone Teat
Baby Spoon
LSR Watch Bands
Medical liquid silicone rubber
Medical liquid silicone rubber
Medical Silicone Soft Menstrual Cup Reusable Health Care 
Surgical Gasket

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