Multi-cavities Injection Molding

Multi-cavities Injection Molding

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Multi cavity mould is an injection mold that has more than one cavity. The shape of each cavity is the same. Multi cavity mold design is to produce multiples of the same part for high volume production since it means each production will produce a large number of finished parts. Multi cavity mold design will help to make high-efficiency production.

Sometimes we will mix up the meaning of multi cavity mould and family injection molds. But these two types of injection mold are totally different. Family injection mold also includes multiple cavities but the shape of cavities is quite different. In other words, family mold is suitable for making different parts by a single run. The family mold can be much harder to maintain during production because of the different shapes of the cavities. It also increases the risk of molding defects.

With the rapid development of mold making,Packson also makes the multi cavity mould for meeting the demands of customers. Especially for a medical industry like BD, they have the need for multi cavity mold production. Such as disposable products: injection syringe, testing tube, and container. Feel free to contact us for further details of the multi cavity mold solutions today!

Multi Cavity Mould Parameters

Cavity Number2-120 cavities
Tooling MaterialP20,NAK80,718H,S316H, etc. 20~60 HRC
Mold BaseLKM,HASCO,DME standard
Mold RunnerCold and Hot Runner
Mold Cold RunnerPoint way, side way, follow the way, direct gateway, etc.
Mold Hot TreatmentNitridation, tempering, etc.
Mold Surfacetexture, EDM, high gloss polishing
Mold Cooling Systemwater cooling or Beryllium bronze cooling, etc.
Lead Time25-60 days

Why Choose Multi Cavity Mould?

The Benefits of Multi Cavity Injection Molding


Multi cavity mould can be more than one cavity of the part with the same shape. Multi cavity injection molding is able to produce a large number of parts per molding cycle. It's suitable for high-volume production. Here are some other benefits of multi cavity injection molding:

  • Quick Lead Time: The cycle time of lead time will be shorter since numerous parts can be done per cycle.

  • Competitive Mold Cost: The cost of a mold with 2 cavities is cheaper and we will cost less than making 2 separate molds.

  • Low Part Price: Multi cavity mould helps reduce the part price by shorter labor and machine time.

  • Order Flexibility: It’s difficult to meet a demand for a million parts only by mold with a single cavity. Multi cavity moulds enable you to place large production orders that can be accomplished with high efficiency.

A Single Mold VS Multi Cavity Mold


A single cavity mold will create a single cycle while a multi cavity mold can make more than one product per cycle.

However, it's up to the customer's actual situation no matter they choose single or multi cavity mould. When customers require millions of the same parts with a short lead time and low part cost, a multi cavity mould is a good choice for them to get parts into the market quickly and competitively. But multi cavity moulds are not the best solution for all the projects since it requires more investment than single-cavity mold. Multi cavity mould needs substantial investment during or before project processing. Therefore we need to choose a suitable multi cavity mould solution according to the project property.

Process For Multi cavity Mould

Packson's  quoting system enables us to make quotations quickly by our professional quotation engineer.

  • Send us your part 3D to get your multi cavity mould and part quote.

  • Confirm quotation and order issues. Packson starts the multi cavity mold and part order process.

  • Making DFM and create processing solution.

  • Tooling design review by Packson engineers.

  • Get approval of the design. Packson start building your multi cavity mold.

  • Customer checks samples for approval.

  • Part mass production begins.

Applications Of Multi Cavity Mould

Packson creates single-cavity and multi cavity moulds for the medical and paramedical industry such as Y-bodies and straight connectors, caps, syringe plungers, syringe barrels, valve components, dispensers nozzles, etc.

From our mold case for medical, we have to build a 4 and 8 multi cavity mould with a full hot runner system also valve gates by rotary index system.

Packson has over 15 years of plastic injection molding experience.  Our professional team who is an expert in custom multi cavity injection molding is ready to assist make a custom multi cavity injection molding solution for your application needs.

Part Name : Medical syringe barrel+rod | CAV:1*8 | Material:PP
Part Name : Medical Tests Collection container(COVID 19) | CAV:1*16 Cavity | Material:PP
Part Name :  Medical Tests Collection container (COVID 19) | CAV:1*32 | Material:PP
Part Name :  Medical Tests Collection container(COVID 19) | CAV:1*16 Cavity | Material:PP
Part Name: Medical Tests Collection container(COVID 19) | CAV:1*16 | Material:PC
Part Name : Medical syringe Actuator
1*16 Cavity , PP material

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