Designing and Developing 2K Injection Molding Processes for Optimal Results

Jun 15-2023

As the demand for complex and lightweight products increases, manufacturers are turning to innovative technologies such as 2K injection molding to achieve more efficient production processes. 2K injec...
15 Jun
Clean Room Injection Molding: The Future of Precision and Efficiency in Manufacturing

Jun 08-2023

In today's manufacturing industry, precision and efficiency are crucial factors that determine the success of a business. Clean room injection molding has emerged as a game-changing technology tha...
08 Jun
Secondary Injection Moulding: Multi-dimensional Processing Technology for Medical Devices

Jun 04-2023

Secondary injection moulding can not only make the surface of instruments soft, but also increase product functionality and added value.In the past 10 years, secondary injection technology has thoroug...
04 Jun
Medical Grade Silicone Injection Molding

Jun 01-2023

Medical grade silicone injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves the use of medical grade silicone to create a wide range of medical devices and components. Medical grade silicone, be...
01 Jun
Designing Injection Molding Process for Medical Field: Key Considerations for Secondary Injection Molding

May 20-2023

In the design of secondary injection molding, backflow prevention devices, nozzle holes, vents, and mold surface texture are key elements.Backflow prevention devices in the secondary injection molding...
20 May
11 Details to Note for Medical Injection Molding Processing

May 05-2023

Medical injection molding molds are usually relatively strict, injection molding production and processing requires finding experienced manufacturers and paying attention to 11 details.If the injectio...
05 May
Why Should Medical Plastic Products Outsource Injection Molding?

Apr 20-2023

Medical plastic products are increasingly widely used in medical equipment, and over 75% of medical plastic products are injection molded. The cost advantage of injection molding, especially in the pr...
20 Apr
What is Precision Mould Injection Molding?

Apr 05-2023

What is precision mould injection?Precision mould injection is a device that injects resin material into a metal mould to obtain a product with a certain shape.In fact, in order to control the tempera...
05 Apr
The Difference Between Precision Mould Processing and General Mould Processing

Mar 29-2023

What is precision mould?Precision mould is a mould that requires high machining accuracy, but there is no unified standard for its specific definition. It refers to products with high requirements, st...
29 Mar
Analysis of Precision Mould Forming Requirements and Characteristics

Mar 22-2023

In comparison to ordinary moulds, precision moulds have higher requirements in their production process. They must strive for excellence in their raw materials, design, processing, precision, dimensio...
22 Mar
Dry Goods! Several Common Raw Materials Used in Precision CNC Machining!

Mar 15-2023

Precision CNC machining is the process of manufacturing precise dimension parts. This is commonly used in the production of complex components in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and modern e...
15 Mar
Engineering Technology of Injection Molding Parts Manufacturing!

Mar 08-2023

In injection molded parts, the complete technology is an indispensable engineering technology. It involves transforming plastic into products that retain their original performance. The important proc...
08 Mar
What are the Principles and Core of Injection Molding Mold Design?

Mar 01-2023

The opening direction and parting line of injection molding mold designWhen designing each injection product, the opening direction and parting line should be determined first to minimize the core pul...
01 Mar
What Are the Effects of Injection Molding Process Conditions on Products?

Feb 14-2023

Ⅰ. Plastic materials for injection molding processThe complexity of plastic material properties often determines the complexity of the injection molding process. Under normal circumstances, the compl...
14 Feb
What Maintenance Should Be Done in the Normal and Use Process of Injection Molud?

Feb 07-2023

1. Maintenance of injection moulds before production(1) The oil and rust on the surface of the mold must be cleaned and checked to see if there is any foreign matter in the cooling water hole of the m...
07 Feb
What Are the Types of Automotive Injection Molds?

Jan 20-2023

The types of automotive molds include injection molding, stamping, forging, casting and other types. Each type of mold corresponds to different types of parts production. Now more and more parts are p...
20 Jan
Advantage Analysis of Medical Plastic Parts

Dec 22-2022

Medical plastic parts and products have revolutionized the medical industry, and we pride ourselves on being one of the best medical plastic injection molding design and medical injection mold molding...
22 Dec
Advantages and Field Applications of Medical Plastic Injection Molding

Dec 15-2022

Ⅰ. The benefits of medical plastic injection moldingDue to the increased versatility of medical device plastics and the ability to combine with metals to create enhanced medical product attributes, m...
15 Dec
Start Using Medical Molding: Consider the "Four E's" First

Oct 14-2022

Competition and regulation for medical device OEMs require them to work with injection molders who can bring the right environment, equipment, engineering materials, and employees to their designs and...
14 Oct
Precautions and Material Selection for Injection Molding of Medical Devices

Oct 07-2022

Plastic injection molding of medical devices is a critical process in which the risk of failure is very high. Therefore, several factors must be considered during the design, planning and manufacturin...
07 Oct
Injection Molding for the Medical Industry

Sep 15-2022

Medical injection molding is a widely used manufacturing process in the medical industry that offers numerous advantages for a variety of applications. Medical-grade plastic injection molding is used ...
15 Sep
How to Quickly Detect Injection Molded Parts of Medical Devices with Complex Structures?

Sep 07-2022

In the production of medical devices, injection molding is one of the main links in the production process that affects product quality. The quality of injection molding directly affects the overall p...
07 Sep
Application and Quality Control of Clean Room Injection Molding

Aug 12-2022

Ⅰ. The application of clean room injection moldingCleanroom molding applications can be done on a variety of medical devices. A good ISO 7 clean room is available for packaging services and contract ...
12 Aug
What is Clean Room Injection?

Aug 05-2022

When making plastic parts, such as implantable medical devices, it has to be kept as clean as possible, and this part has to be made in a sterile environment, which can be called a "clean room&qu...
05 Aug
Plastic Injection Molding Uses, Machine Types and Advantages

Jul 08-2022

Plastic injection molding is the most commonly used manufacturing process for producing plastic parts. A wide variety of plastic products that vary widely in size, complexity and application are manuf...
08 Jul
What Are the Characteristics of Liquid Silicone LSR Molding Molds?

Jul 01-2022

The structure of the thermosetting liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection mold is generally similar to the mold structure used for thermoplastic compounds, but there are many significant differences. ...
01 Jul
Mould Material and Temperature Control of LSR Forming Mould

Jun 16-2022

1. LSR forming mold materialMold pallets are usually made of non-alloy tool steel. For mold pallets that need to withstand high temperatures of 170°C-210°C, they should be made of pre-tempered steel...
16 Jun
Application of Liquid Silicone Molding Products

Jun 09-2022

1. Liquid silicone molding products have good biological inertness and biocompatibility, very low concentrations of small molecular weight components, and ideal physical properties, and can be modifie...
09 Jun
Five Steps in the Injection Mold Production Process

May 18-2022

injection mould manufacturing can be roughly divided into the following steps:1. Process analysis of injection mould plastic productsBefore designing the injection mould, the designer should fully ana...
18 May
Analysis of Design Process of Injection Mould

May 11-2022

Ⅰ. Composition of injection mold gating systemOrdinary runner system, also known as runner system, or gating system, is the necessary passage for molten plastic to travel from the nozzle of the injec...
11 May
Injection Molding in Medical Devices

Apr 25-2022

Plastic injection molding is a large-scale craft that includes many processes, and with many advantages, it is a useful tool for creating working prototypes at scale, widely used for medical field inc...
25 Apr
Advantages of Injection Molding in Medical Device

Apr 25-2022

Medical device injection molding products are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Devices previously made of steel, ceramic or glass are now being made of this durable, economical material. There...
25 Apr
What is Clean Room Injection Molding?

Apr 25-2022

Clean rooms are used in certain sectors of the injection molding industry, where airborne particles may adversely affect the molding process or the final product. Industries that use cleanroom technol...
25 Apr
Matters Need to Be Noted in the Design and Construction of a Clean Room for Injection Molding

Apr 25-2022

Injection molding dust-free workshops are widely used in some basic industries. The difference between the injection molding factory and other industries is that a lot of dust will be generated in the...
25 Apr
Factors that May Cause Defects of Medical Plastic Parts

Apr 25-2022

When the injection molded parts are processed, there are some unnecessary defects due to some small things, causing certain troubles to our injection molding process.Here are some reasons that may cau...
25 Apr
Reasons that Why Plastic Parts Are Widely Used in Medical Field

Apr 25-2022

In recent years, the medical plastics industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for the medical plastics has also increased rapidly, new materials and technologies have been continuously introduc...
25 Apr
Features and Applications of Medical Injection Molding

Apr 25-2022

Advantages of Medical Plastic Injection Molding Compared with Other Materials1. The cost is low, and it is more suitable for the production of raw materials for disposable medical machinery, which can...
25 Apr
Injection Molding in The Medical Industry

Apr 25-2022

Medical injection molding is a technical method used to manufacture plastic or silicone parts for medical procedures. Plastic or silicone parts may include tools used in surgery or parts that will be ...
25 Apr
Tips of Automotive Injection Molds

Apr 20-2022

Since its birth in the last century, the first three-wheeled car has a speed of 18 kilometers per hour, and now it only takes 0.29 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour. In the past century...
20 Apr
Types of Plastic Molding

Apr 06-2022

1. Plastic molding: injection moldingIt is a method in which the plastic is heated and melted in the heating barrel of the injection molding machine, and then the melt is pushed into the cavity of the...
06 Apr
The Design of Automobile Injection Mold

Mar 16-2022

In the development of the automobile industry, the demand for plastic parts is increasing day by day, because the application of plastic parts in the construction of automobiles is very high, that is ...
16 Mar
How to Enhance the Strength of Plastic Products in Plastic Injection Moulding?

Mar 02-2022

Plastic injection moulding is a complex process. The entire process cycle is often one to several minutes, and the most critical filling process is generally only tens of seconds. In this short proces...
02 Mar
What Are the Molding Methods of Plastic Injection Molding?

Feb 22-2022

1. Exhaust type for plastic injection mouldingThe exhaust injection machine for exhaust plastic injection moulding applications has an exhaust port in the middle of the barrel and is also connected to...
22 Feb
Process and Characteristics Analysis of Liquid Injection Molding

Feb 08-2022

Ⅰ. Process technology of silicone injection moldingIn the silicone injection molding process, liquid injection molding technology was the earliest application. Liquid injection molding is to accurate...
08 Feb
Basic Structure of Injection Mould

Jan 19-2022

The structure of the injection mould is determined by factors such as the form of the injection moulding machine and the complexity of the parts. Regardless of its complexity, all injection moulds can...
19 Jan
The Classifications of the Injection Mould

Jan 05-2022

Plastic mould is a mating tool of plastic moulding machine in the plastic processing industry. It allows plastic products to form a complete configuration and reach a precise size. According to mouldi...
05 Jan
Injection Point and Demoulding Analysis of LSR Moulding

Dec 20-2021

Ⅰ. Injection point of LSR moldingMolded LSR adopts a cold runner system. It can maximize the advantages of the rubber material and increase the production efficiency to the highest limit. To process ...
20 Dec
Design Essentials of Liquid Silicon Molding Technology

Dec 06-2021

1. Liquid silicone molding adopts liquid temperature control technology to control the barrel and nozzle temperature between 5-25. Usually, cooling water is used as the cooling medium.2. Liquid silico...
06 Dec
Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Home Appliance Mold Design

Nov 17-2021

Home appliance products are becoming larger and larger. The one mold with multiple cavities aiming to improve production efficiency has also led to the increasing size of home appliance molds. At the ...
17 Nov
Types of Automotive Plastic Mould

Nov 03-2021

There are many ways to classify automotive plastic moulds. According to the different methods of forming and processing plastic parts, they can be divided into the following categories.Ⅰ. Automotive ...
03 Nov
What is the Cost of Plastic Injection Molding?

Oct 31-2021

Since the cost is dispersed among hundreds of parts, injection molding is an ideal process for mass production of plastic parts economically.1. The cost of injection molding Injection molding is one of...
31 Oct
How Long is the Service Life of Medical Injection Mold?

Oct 31-2021

Many customers are very concerned about a question: how long is the life of medical injection molds? In fact, thinking about it carefully, this question is not rigorous enough. We all know that there...
31 Oct
What Are the Applications of Injection Molding?

Oct 24-2021

For most industries, it only makes sense to find the most durable materials with the lowest cost to produce the products they need. As a general manufacturing technology, injection molding plays...
24 Oct
What Are the Types of Clean Room Injection Materials?

Oct 17-2021

Ⅰ. Plastic injection molding materials for medical devices Our medical-grade plastic materials for medical injection molding have high molecular weight, chemical resistance and heat resistance...
17 Oct
What Plastics Are Used in Injection Moulding?

Oct 10-2021

There are more than 85,000 commercial plastic materials and 45 polymer series available for injection moulding. Among them, polymers can be roughly divided into two categories: thermosetting plastics...
10 Oct
What is Clean Room Classification?

Oct 03-2021

A cleanroom is usually used for manufacturing or scientific research. It is a controlled environment with low levels of pollutants such as dust, airborne microorganisms, aerosol particles, and...
03 Oct
What are FDA's Requirements for Medical Device Shaping Services?

Sep 26-2021

Plastic injection moulding of medical devices is a critical process, and the risk of failure is very high. Therefore, some factors must be considered in the design, planning, and manufacturing process…
26 Sep
Why Do Medical Devices Choose Silicone Rubber?

Sep 19-2021

In the past 20 years, silicone rubber products have been continuously updated, with more than 1,000 varieties and brands, mainly used in high-tech, heavy-duty automotive, transportation, leisure…
19 Sep
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