Custom Contract Molding

Custom Contract Molding

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Packson is the OEM injection mold maker in China. We can supply custom injection molding parts. Our high quality and precision injection molding processes assist us to make molded parts from big, small to medium-sized components with good quality. We are able to meet all plastic part requirements according to materials, sizes, shapes, tolerances, and so on. We offer various custom injection molding services to OEM customers with manual, semi-automated, or fully automated assembly lines.

There are more than 40 injection molding from 60 tons to 1000 tons at Packson., which helps us to handle a wide range of parts from a small run of prototype samples with 500 shots to a production run of high volume parts with over one million.

Our engineering department works closely with our customers for assuring that high-quality parts will get into the market in time. We work for all kinds of industries such as OEM, automotive,  agriculture, electronic appliance, and construction.

So contact Packson to get the best custom injection molding services of OEMs in plastic injection molding if you need them.

Custom Injection Molding Tool Design

Injection Mold plays a pivotal role in injection molding. Whatever it's a simple part or a complicated part, the injection mould design is the most important part for high-quality and smoothly running injection molded parts.

The primary goal of injection mould design is for making high-quality molded parts and better running of mold during the molding process. Good tooling design provides belowing benefits:

  • Save cost and time for tooling also molding

  • Improve mold running during the molding process

  • Make high-quality molded parts

Benefits & Capabilities of Custom Injection Molding Assembly Line

Equipped with the manual and semi-automatic assembly lines, we can help you finish secondary operations for your part like :

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • Heat Staker

  • Vacumm Sealer

The secondary operation is good of shorting  supply chain, reducing cost and lead time:

  • Custom injection molding assembly line help shorten the supply chain and decrease lead time.

  • One-site semi-automatic assembly line with robotics operation help to minimize labor cost.

  • One shop operation for in-house assembly facilities makes sure quality control before part delivery.

Custom Injection Molding Part Design

A bad design for your injection molded parts will cause a bad situation like losing time and money, but the good injection molding part design will make high-quality parts and save more time for great efficiency. Injection molding part design details and engineering play significant roles in injection molding. It helps us to make an optimized production solution, reduce costs, and provide good quality parts.

Keep eyes on the following  points for better injection molding:

01 Wall Thickness
02 Rib Design
03 Weld Lines
04 Draft Angles
05 Corner Transitions
Custom Injection Molding Part Design

Wall Thickness

There will be a sink mark on a product if the thickness is too thick. So optimized wall thickness is also very important for well-molded parts.

Rib Design

Good rib design is not only good for part application but also pivotal during molding processing.

Weld Lines

Weld Lines is normal for molded parts but it can be avoided if you make good design of venting during your part design.

Draft Angles

Draft Angles is one of the important factors for good releasing from mold. So good design of draft angle will make good ejection during molding.

Corner Transitions

The corner on the part may cause a sharp shape and it will damage the part easily. The smoother corner will help smoother molding and make a better part.


Types of Custom Injection Molding Methods at Your Service

For injection mold, it's not only for injection plastic material. It has another way to show the material. It's not the only way to make the parts.

2K Molding


The product is molded by 2 different plastic materials or 2 colors which is efficient and economical. The most obvious advantage for 2K molding is cost saving. There are 2 injection steps during injection molding. That's why we call it 2K injection molding. It allows two materials with different properties, colors, or levels of hardness to be injected into the molding machine and make the molded product.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding


Because of the flexibility of LSR molding, there is a slight difference between LSR molding and plastic injection molding. The injection machine between them is also quite different. LSR molding uses liquid silicone material which is also different from solid silicone.LSR Mold is processed by a CNC machine and creates a high-temperature tool for molding.

Insert Molding


Inserting Molding is one of the molding ways for injection molding. It is used to encapsulate metal parts or components in a plastic part. There are two processing ways: First, the component or metal part will be placed into the mold before we start injection molding operation. Second, the part will be molded and the component will be locked into plastic when a melted plastic material is injected into the mold.

Material Selection of Custom Injection Molding

Different materials are used in various parts according to the specific requirements for the injection molding part design. The material choosing also make an influence on tooling material. At Packson, we have been working with thousands of material suppliers for providing turkey material choosing solutions. But most of the time we choose the material according to customer's requirement and we will also give our suggestion for the material solution sometime. Here are common resins that we use but are not definitely limited as below:

  • Commodity Resins









  • Engineering Resins















Custom Injection Mould Tool Design

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