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Mold Components

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We provide custom made plastic parts-Sliders, inserts, lifters, blocks, ejector pins, and other mold components for our worldwide clients in 3 days via DHL or TNT. We are able to manufacture custom made plastic parts(Mold slider, lifters, Mold inserts, Core and cavity, blocks, ejector pins) with high precision. With more than 10 years of experience working with European and American customers, we are familiar with different various standards and processes. Full support you to assemble components in your house.

Packson Custom Molded Parts Capabilities

Machining Process:CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Drilling, CNC Wire-cut, EDM , Grinding
Tolerance:± 0.0002 in, ±0.005 mm
Leadtime:3 days at the soonest
The Amount of Machines:30 sets machines
Machinery Axis:3-Axis,4-Axis,5-Axis
Industry Standard:ASNI, ASME, ASTM, ISO, Mil-Spec, RoHS

Available Materials For Metal Sheet

TypeAlloy (parts)Features and characteristicsApplication (Industry)
Aluminum6061Upgrade corrosion resistance on 7075
Camera lens mounts,Electronic hardware, Couplings,Marines fittings,Prototypes, Aircraft fittings and Hardware

6061 - T6All-purpose aluminium with medium strength.
Good forming ability, weld ability
It's made of magnesium and silicone.

7075Greater strength than aluminum 6061.
Fuse parts,Worm gears,Keys,Regulating valve parts,Aerospace and defense applications;Bike frames,Aircraft,  Meter shafts and gears, Gears and shafts,  Missile parts,    

Strong resistance to fatigue.
CopperC101Electro copper without oxygenAutomotive, General engineering,Domestic appliances,Electrical contacts,
High electrically conductive
Good corrosiveness in most environments
Low against acids, halogenic sulfides and ammoniacal solutions.
Steel1018Low carbon standard steelRivets and parts in need of heavy welding
Great forming ability and welding ability
Case harden only
12L14Great machinabilityEndless commercial products; probably more pounds used in turned products than any other bar stock
Case harden only

1137Higher carbon, higher strengthHigher stress applications, gears, shafts, studs
Direct hardening

Stainless Steel304The most widedly used stainless steelHousehold and industrial applications: screws, machinery parts, car headers, food-handling equipment,
Low carbon
Better welding ability and forming ability

316Improved corrosion and chemical resistance than 304Aerospace,Medical implants and surgical instruments,
Improved resistance to cracking and pitting

416Free machiningApplications that need less corrosion resistance, more hardness, or lower cost
Less corosion resistant than 300 series
Can be heat treated

17-4 PHHigher magnetism than 304 and 316 stainless steelMedical, aerospace, applications needing corrosion resistance and hardness
Oxidation and corrosion resistance

Why Choose Packson For Injection Mold Components?

  • Saving the cost of time

You may search multiple providers to complete the same project together. For instance,  nominating A company to design tooling,  B company to manufacture mold base, C company to manufacture inserts, sliders, lifters, and other components. Meanwhile, asking every supplier to check and verify the tolerance within your needs, so it's easy to assemble. After your company received all of the parts, you are able to assemble molds and trial molds. Comparing the normal procedure, it helps clients to save 20%-50% time on completing the whole project in this way. 

  • Saving the cost of manufacture

The high cost of labor and process may make your headache. Especially in precise mould part manufacturer.  With the lower cost of labor and high precise machine, we are able to provide injection mold components with 100% match in your requirement for you at a more competitive price. To make better profits and competitive power for you. 

  • Quality control

Our workshop is equipping with various precise machines. Such as Taiwan high-speed CNC machines, GF wire-cut & EDM, CMM. After every process, the quality team will check the result of steel whether matches to 3D data or not. Meanwhile, before shipments, all of the parts need to be made a full inspection. And all of the reports will be passed by clients.  In this way, it helps our clients to save the cost to prevent the trial molds repeatedly.

Examples Of Packson's Mold Components

Packson - Your Injection Moulding Manufacturer
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Class 8 Clean Room

Class 8 cleanroom injection molding is capable of providing you with high-quality, low-pollution plastic products.

Quality Control

Equiping with precision processing and production equipment, and strictly adhere to the quality control processes of ISO9001 and ISO13485 to ensure quality control.

Professional Engineering

Our professional Mold Design Team provides reasonable solutions that help reduce customer development and tool-making costs.

Precise Manufacture

Our world-class production and testing equipment provides a strong guarantee for the precision of your products.

Project Management

Our Bilingual Project Engineers with many experiences ensure smooth project operations and communication.

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