Silicone Rubber Injection Molding

Silicone Rubber Injection Molding

Class 8 Clean Room
Quality Control
Professional Engineering
Precise Manufacture
Project Management
Clean Room
14 Sets
Injection Machines
50 Millions PCS
Aunal OutPut
Ceritified Cleanroom

Packson's state-of-the-art facilities consist of a 1000㎡ certified clean room, which is equipped with 14 sets of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection machines. This enables Packson to produce up to 50 million medical-grade LSR components per year, ensuring that clients' needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, Packson's clean room is certified to the 100K Level, ensuring that all products produced within this environment meet the highest quality standards. With the use of advanced technologies and stringent quality control processes, Packson guarantees that its medical LSR components are not only highly precise but also biocompatible, temperature resistant, and compliant for use in medical and healthcare applications.

As a professional China-based medical injection molding company, Packson takes pride in providing reliable, high-quality medical LSR injection molding services to its clients. Whether it’s production volumes or specific requirements, Packson can meet your needs with confidence, knowing that you're entrusting your product’s success to expert hands.

Class 8 Level Cleanroom
Class 8 Level Cleanroom

14 Medical LSR Molding Machines and 5-Axis Robots

We have state-of-the-art facilities that boast more than 1,000 square meter of combined cleanroom infrastructure. At our facility, we have a stand-alone cleanroom equipped with 14 medical LSR molding machines 130T. Each machine is situated in its own Class 8 cleanroom and is fitted with a 5-axis robot for efficient automation of the molding process. Our cleanroom environment ensures that your medical components are manufactured in an environment that meets stringent quality standards.

Class 7 Level Cleanroom
Class 7 Level Cleanroom

In an ISO 7 cleanroom, product assembly requires a high level of precision and attention to detail. The controlled environment is designed to minimize the presence of airborne particles and other contaminants that could negatively impact the quality of the finished product. Assembly in an Class 7 cleanroom follows strict protocols to ensure that no contamination occurs during the process. Workers must wear specialized clothing designed to limit the amount of particles they generate, such as gloves, hairnets, face masks, and full-body suits. All tools and equipment used in the cleanroom must be meticulously cleaned and sanitized before use.


As part of their training in the latest IQ/OQ/PQ mold validation protocols, the experienced Quality Engineering staff has been instructed on various techniques including First Article Inspection, process DOE, Gauge R&R, CpK Analysis, among others.


Our facility maintains ISO 13485 certification and consistently adheres to the internationally recognized quality standard for designing and manufacturing Medical Devices.


Our medical LSR molding machines come equipped with their own 5-axis robotics systems which handle part handling and cavity separation. These systems are integrated with our process monitoring system to eliminate any products that fall outside of our established molding parameters, set during our rigorous mold validation.


Our Process Engineers employ a scientific molding process, and as an additional measure, we routinely implement cavity pressure sensors and process monitoring technology to ensure 100% monitoring and traceability for patient-critical applications.

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Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Details and Options

                                                                                 Silicone Injection Molding Details and Options
Lead timeMake your mind in real in 10-30 days; including 24-hour quote responses with design-for-manufacturing (DFM) feedback
What kind of products should Choose LSRDrug delivery systems
Skin contact devices
Syringe stoppers
How to Choose LSR/HCR in your projectDetermining whether LSR or HCR injection moulding is the best choice for your project depends largely on how much production you will need. In general, HCR injection molding is better applied for small volume production. On the contrary, LSR injection molding is more suitable for massive production.
LSR VS TPEAdvantages:
Reasonable wall thicknesses
Cored uniform wall thickness
No sharp corners
Gradual transition from thick to thin thickness
Not for high heat or extreme cold applications
Not inherently UV stable
Need to follow conventional good plastic part design guidelines


Consumer Products;

Special Applications;

Medical And Healthcare Consumables And Devices

Benefits of LSR in Medical areasHigh Biocompatibility
Inorganic and hypoallergenic nature
Lack of odor/taste
Ozone & UV-safe
Thermal stability
Lifetime service of the part
Benefits of LSR SolutionReduce waste
Leverage the material's characteristics
Deliver consistently high precision parts and components
And all of these at global competitive conditions
Mold CavitiesSingle, Multi-cavity, and Family molds;
Machines Available200 press tonnage
Inspection and Certification OptionsISO9001,ISO13485,ISO 7&8 Medical Clean Room Molding
Mold LifeLess than 5000 shots
The Tolerances in the SteelMaintain the tolerance ±0.005mm/0.002inch
The Tolerances in the partMaintain the tolerance ±0.01mm/0.005inch
MaterialStandard Silicone
Medical-grade silicone
Optical-grade silicone
Mold FinishPM-FO TO & F1
SP1 C1 TO A2
Other OptionsConsultative Design and Tool Services for free
Final Finishing Options
Quick-turn shipping in as fast as 1 day

Custom Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Service For Your Business

Liquid silicone rubber injection molding parts have the feature of durability with good tensile strength and are used to high volume, tight tolerance. Therefore it is widely used in various industries especially for medical parts.

Here are the advantages of liquid silicone rubber:

  • Excellent insulating properties, good for tight tolerance/precision components

  • Good tensile strength  with high/low-temperature extremes

  • Good resistance for water, oxidation also some chemical solutions like acids.

Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Process

Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Process
  • The silicone dousing unit starts in two parts

Composed A and composed B pumps one Part A silicone and one Part B silicone via separate hoses to the static mixer. Cylinder A contains the basic material. while cylinder B contains a catalyst. In addition,  color is pumped to the static mixer via another hose. The mixed components are then fed into the throat of the injection molding barrel by way of a shut-off valve. This is the whole silicone rubber injection molding process.

  • Sealing against the Silicone Rubber Molded Parts

Once the silicone material is inside the barrel, a shot of the cool mixed silicone advances to the mold as the nozzle seals firmly against the silicone rubber liquid mold.

  • Injection

The nozzle shut-off valve opens and a measured shot of cool liquid silicone is injected into a hot (275F to 390F) clamped silicone rubber molded parts.

  • Barrel retracts from the mold

The nozzle shut-off valve opens and the barrel retracts from the silicone rubber liquid mold, while the screw begins to build another measured shot of cold liquid silicone.

  • Closes and repeats the procedure

After the cycle is complete, the mold opens and the piece and flashing can be taken off automatically or by an individual worker.  After that, the mold closes and repeats the procedure.

  • Post-molding process

After removing the article from the mold, the post-molding process may include demisting, post-curation, inspection, and packing.

Silicone Rubber injection Molding Application

Silicone Rubber injection Molding Application

Molding Parts

-Silicone rubber injection molding can be qpplied in molding parts. Moulded part is a good way for low quantity production from dozen to hundred of the part even millions of parts. The molding part is better than the part machined by CNC or 3D printing with the same material. The right choice for resin used in the molding part allows for a wide range of properties. Mold is essential medial for the molding part. So molds machined by CNC and Wire cut EDM with high precision and tolerance are enable make thousands of parts.


-We cercitified with ISO9001, ISO13485 and equipped with ISO 8 medical cleanroom molding

Rapid Prototye

-Rapid processing mold with low cost and enable to make molded products with 10 days at a competitive price.

Advantages Of LSR molding

  • Durable: LSR injection molding produces parts that can withstand elevated temperatures, making them ideal for automotive or aerospace applications. Unlike plastic injection molding, LSR parts are often fire retardant and resist warping.

  • Tensile Strength: Silicone LSR parts are strong, making them suitable for a variety of industries.

  • Flexibility: Silicone LSR parts can exhibit elongation up to six times their original length before breakage, demonstrating remarkable flexibility.

  • Accuracy: The LSR molding process offers a high level of accuracy in production, ensuring precise, high-quality parts.

  • Automation: The LSR injection molding process can run continuously with minimal supervision, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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Class 8 Clean Room

Class 8 cleanroom injection molding is capable of providing you with high-quality, low-pollution plastic products.

Quality Control

Equiping with precision processing and production equipment, and strictly adhere to the quality control processes of ISO9001 and ISO13485 to ensure quality control.

Professional Engineering

Our professional Mold Design Team provides reasonable solutions that help reduce customer development and tool-making costs.

Precise Manufacture

Our world-class production and testing equipment provides a strong guarantee for the precision of your products.

Project Management

Our Bilingual Project Engineers with many experiences ensure smooth project operations and communication.

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