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When considering "custom" injection molders, the most important thing is to assess the complexity of the project which not only evaluate the mould itself, but also from front to back in working with mold maker. At Packson, we have more than 40 injection molding machines from 10 tons to 1000 tons so that we can meet the needs of different customers with different quantities of products. In addition to ordinary injection molding products, we also provide injection molding in medical cleanroom. We can provide one-stop service from design to mould manufacturing, product molding and shipment.

Custom Injection Molding

Custom Injection Molding We Provide

Since 2012, we have been cooperating with the largest aerospace parts supplier in the United States. They mainly provide Boeing with aviation aircraft accessories such as display screens and aircraft seat handles. And we are very lucky to be one of their injection molding suppliers. We are mainly responsible for providing display frame and aircraft seat handle accessories. We participate in the entire project from the beginning of product design, provide optimization suggestions for customers' design and provide mold design solutions, and then start mould manufacturing. Finally, we start to make 24 hours of uninterrupted product moulding production. At the same time, we are equipped with corresponding personnel who insist on random inspections during the production process to ensure the quality of the products and provide customers with the highest quality assurance.

Scientific Molding Process

  • Mold Temp-Connection pic

  • Mold Temp-MTC pic

  • Mold Temp-Measurement

  • Holding Set up

  • Process & Speed Set up

  • HR Set up

  • Filling balancing

  • Barrel Set up

  • Mold Open & Close Set up

  • Ejection

  • Injection

  • Dosage

  • Process

Scientific Molding Process

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