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One-stop Custom Service

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With more than 15 years of experience in mould and moulding, Packson keeps providing the best solution for our customers. From part and mould design, mould processing, sample trial, mass production, surface finishing, assembly, packaging, and delivery. We provide a full one-stop service that enables your part to be perfect by reducing the process and risk. Moreover, we have been providing all kinds of services like product design&development, tooling services including prototyping and CNC precision machining, medical contract manufacturing, custom injection moulding.

Services Available From Packson

Scientific Molding Technology

Scientific moulding is systematic for few years. We keep recording the data for making sure every step will be under good control. This scientific method help Packson and our customer save more costs and time during manufacturing. Injection moulding method is based on the principle of scientific method(Develop and test assumptions, draw conclusions, and provide repeatable results). It uses full data and analysis technology for recording the specification, setting, and procedure of manufacturing processing. For Packson, we have been using this scientific moulding.

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