Prototype Injection Mould

Prototype Injection Mould

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Prototype molds are rapid processing for the molds. It's totally different from production molds as they can't be used in the long term. As a professional mold maker for over 15 years,Packson can handle all kinds of mold including prototypes. We bring not only high skilled engineering team into the good design but also allow us to provide competitive prices and high-quality molds. Most of our prototypes mold customers are from Honda. Every design needs proofing before they are produced by mass molding production especially for the automotive parts.

We will also make personal solutions for prototypes mold just the same as production tooling. We share engineering information between our teams and our customers. Keeping close contact with our customers is one of the important factors that Packson has good performance in making tooling and molding. Therefore, we ensure that our communications between the engineering team and customers are always open and transparent.

Prototype Mold Details And Options

We believe that it's important to test your market by first testing your product. Packson offers you an affordable method of testing with prototype parts. Our prototype processing helps you test your part design and make a small batch of parts for assembly testing. You may not very clear about the definition of prototype molds and the differences between prototype molds and injection molds. Here we can explain it for you:

Prototype MoldProduction Mold
ObjectiveI need to prove my original design at Packson. I need the best solution for price and design before production and get parts quickly within 10-15 daysI have big volume production needs at Packson and need an open long-term running production mold.
Best When1. Improving part design and provide solutions for the part making
2. Key focus is to avoid design risk, increase R&D productivity and get parts into the market quickly for proving the utility of part.
3.Typical Quantities<5,000
1. With finalized design and construction, what we need to focus is to reduce ineffective communication and create a personal solution with a more competitive price.
2. Consistency of part running is pivotal
3. Mold schedule and processing documentation and qualification information is required
Mold CavitiesNormally single cavitySingle and multi-cavities
Mold LifeLimited (guaranteed for at least 2,000 shots-5,000 shots)Unlimited
Mold StorageUpon customer's decision. Some will be destroyed once they confirm the designSome will be shipped to the customer's molding company. Some will be left at Packson for long term running
Quality DocumentationA basic inspection like tolerance control and finishing controlFull-spectrum inspection operating by CMM and all kinds of measuring equipment
Shared FeaturesRaw Material: Aluminum or Steel
The standard lead time of 15 days-30 days
Consultative Design Services like DFM
Processing by tool room equipment

Process For Prototype Mold

Process For Prototype Mold

There are many things that need to be considered such as the product design needs to be perfect and it has to achieve actual full functionality before they get into the market. If there is any failure for your products which means the part design is not fulfilled yet and we need to keep improving the design and finding a better solution. Therefore, prototype mold is the best way for us to prove some issues before you are able to take your products into the market. Here is the process for prototype mold, you will find out what prototype mold exactly is:

There are 4 simple steps for prototype mold:

  • Start with a plastic part design

Initial concept or design is always the essential and critical part of manufacturing.No matter what kind of product you create like an electronic device or medical device, making the design and design should be the first step.

You should make sure of the feasibility and functionality when it comes to plastic product design. Moreover, you have to consider the concept is doable or not. If the design fails then it would waste time. But never mind, we have a professional engineer team who will make assessments for your design and provide our suggestions to help make the design better.

  • Providing DFM(Design for Manufacturing) and processing solution

We will make DFM according to your part design and offer a processing solution at a competitive price. Normally we will choose a removable insert which takes by hand during production, this will help cut some costs. But this is only used for small batch production within 500 shots. We will also analyze the thickness, angle draft, injection point, etc during these steps for making sure everything is ok before we start processing.

  • Mold creation or 3D printing

Simple 3D printing is fully sufficient for simple and small quantity plastic products. Therefore the expensive test mold is not neccessary.3D printing is a very simple process without much explanation. For another processing, the way is mold creation. This is the most important process in plastic prototyping. We will process the mold according to the tooling design and we will choose the steel which is softer and easier to carve out. This will help to make mold quickly with a short lead time. Rapid processing is one of the obvious features of the prototype mold. Because we don't need to make it like production mold as long as it can be operated and good for proving the customer's part design.

  • Making the prototype plastic molding parts by injection machine

For prototype mold, the plastic parts also need to be molded by a plastic injection machine. The mold will be placed into the injection molding machine and then injected with the plastic prototype material. Later material will be cooled by the water lines to allow it to create a shape on the cavity. After the cooling process, the mold will be opened when pressure from the clamp is released. Finally, the part will be ejected from the machine.

Applications of Prototype Mold

There are many applications for prototype molds like automotive, medical. These applications will keep increasing because of the development of new procedures. Here are some of them:

The making of molds – different grades of steel even plastic resin can be made through prototype mold.

The making of cores – SLS application is the latest technology used in sand casting shapes and cores.

The electrodes for EDM, making of marking stamps are some of the applications of prototype molds. Most of the applicated industry at Packson is automotive and medical. 

There are many benefits for the prototype molds. With the features of low cost, quick lead time, and effective processing way, it will allow you to bring your parts into the market faster. The most important advantage is low-cost processing because it can make market testing with low volume production.

Part Name: Automotive wired box | Marterial:PA66+30%GF | Leadtime:25 days
Part Name:Automotive wired slot | Marterial:PP | Leadtime:25 days
Part Name:Automotive wired slot | Marterial:PP | Leadtime:25 days
Part Name:Automotive wired slot | Marterial:PP | Leadtime:25 days
Part Name:Automotive wired slot | Marterial:PP | Leadtime:25days
Part Name:Support Rod on | Motorcycle Marterial:PA66+30%GF | Leadtime:25 days
Part Name:handle with metal insert | Marterial:PA66+20%GF | Leadtime:25 days
Part Name:Wired Diameter Inspection Cover | Marterial:ABS | Leadtime:20 days
Part Name:Automotive accessory | Marterial:ABS | Leadtime:20 days

Why Choose Packson For Prototype Mold?

Prototype molds serve a different purpose. They are different from the production mold. First, they are pre-production molds which applied in testing and solving issues before a final product gets into molding processing. With a shorter lead time, prototype molds help create test products with further studies.

Here Packson offers you low-cost prototype molds by alternative means of:

  • Producing a small batch of molding parts so you can test the physical properties of the production parts

  • Proofing the concept design for the part and then make improvements for the part

  • Narrowing down material choosing determine what materials work best

At Packson, your first small steps are a critical part of the larger leap forward. Get your part get into the market quickly with Packson by contacting us today!

Packson Prototype Mold Show

Packson Prototype Mold Show
Packson Prototype Mold Show
Packson Prototype Mold Show
Packson Prototype Mold Show
Packson Prototype Mold Show
Packson Prototype Mold Show
Packson Prototype Mold Show
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