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High Quality Tools with Integrated Solutions

Our tooling shop has a wide range of machines and expertise, allowing us to produce everything from small, precision parts to large, complex automotive and medical components.

Using our cutting-edge technology, quality control processes, and project management skills, we have established successful partnerships with renowned automotive and medical OEMs and Tier-1 companies worldwide.

We don't just sell molds - we offer technical support, speed, efficiency, and top-notch quality to give our customers a complete solution.

High Quality Tools with Integrated Solutions

Innovative Tooling Solutions

With many years of dedicated experience in this field, we have developed the skills needed to manufacture a wide range of molds using cutting-edge technical solutions.

-2K/3K (Multi-component)

-Over-mold / Insert Mold


-Un-screwing Mold

-Pre-deformation Know-how


-Mult-Cavities Mold

Innovative Tooling Solutions

6 Sets High Speed CNC

7 Sets CNC Machines

4 Sets Precise EDM Machines

2 Sets Precise Wire-cut Machines

1 Set Die-Spotting

Mold Shop View


30 Sets Plastic Injection Machines



14 Sets Plastic Injection Machines 60T-160T

In 1000 ㎡ Class 8 Clean Room


14 Sets LSR Injection Machines 130T

In 1000 ㎡ Class 8 Clean Room


Inspection Machines


14 Sets Drilling & Tapping NC Machining Center


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