How to Quickly Detect Injection Molded Parts of Medical Devices with Complex Structures?

In the production of medical devices, injection molding is one of the main links in the production process that affects product quality. The quality of injection molding directly affects the overall performance, appearance, assembly, etc. of the product. Effective size control of the injection molded product is carried out to ensure that the medical device injection molding product that meets the standards can be produced under the existing injection molding process production conditions.

In order to accurately evaluate the influence of the injection molding process parameters on the size of the injection molded product, it is necessary to perform deviation detection on the molded product to confirm the optimal injection molding process parameters. A large medical technology company uses 3D digital technology to perform full-scale inspection of injection molded parts with complex contours and multiple groove apertures. Next, let's take a look at how injection molding parts can achieve rapid inspection.

Ⅰ. Testing requirements for medical device injection molding

Medical device injection molding parts are usually complex in structure and require high assembly accuracy; however, plastic molded parts will inevitably produce dimensional errors during the manufacturing process. The dimensional errors generated in production are usually caused by the molding process and mold conditions. cause.

The molding process factors are mainly the uniformity of the molding material, the setting of the molding equipment, the mold temperature, and the elastic deformation of the mold under the molding pressure.

The mold condition factors are mainly the manufacturing tolerance of the mold size, the wear of the mold, and the fit tolerance between the movable parts of the mold.

Ⅱ. The road to rapid detection of medical device injection molding

1. 3D data collection

(1) It can measure, analyze and detect hidden defects and internal structures that cannot be detected by CMM;

(2) Non-contact measurement to achieve non-destructive injection of the internal structure of the workpiece;

(3) By scanning the complete frame of the injection molded part from multiple angles, quickly obtain the complete 3D data of the frame including small drill holes, grooves, and surface details related to the injection molded part;

(4) No complicated fixtures are required, saving time and cost.

Scan the front and back and sides of the injection molded parts respectively to obtain point cloud data. By placing the injection molded parts on the turntable, according to the structural characteristics of the injection molded parts, the scanning angle is adjusted reasonably, and the complete shape data is collected through multiple scans.

Ⅲ. The best fit of medical device injection molding, data detection

After the scanning, the 3D scanned data is imported into the inspection software, and the inspection software performs the best fitting comparison with the original CAD digital model to determine the dimensional deviation between the production sample and the CAD design data.

Ⅳ. The value of 3D digital detection of medical device injection molding

Dimensional deviation is ubiquitous in the injection molding process. The key is to control the deviation according to the standard, optimize the mold structure and molding process parameters based on the inspection results of the injection molding product size, improve the precision of the medical device injection parts, and make the product size meet the design and assembly requirement. 

The 3D optical measurement technology can directly import the 3D scanning data into the inspection software, quickly complete the digital application of 3D scanning and 3D inspection, realize the full-scale inspection of injection molding parts with complex contours, and visualize the tolerances, which has important application value in the quality inspection of injection parts.

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