Factors that May Cause Defects of Medical Plastic Parts

When the injection molded parts are processed, there are some unnecessary defects due to some small things, causing certain troubles to our injection molding process.

Here are some reasons that may cause defects of medical plastic parts:

1. The proportion of recycled materials added to the raw materials is large, so that the shrinkage direction of the raw materials is large or the distribution of fillers is uneven.

2. The raw material plastic is polluted or poorly dried.

3. Improper demoulding design, small demoulding slope causing thin product wall with sharp corners and gaps, resulting in stress concentration.

4. The pressure holding and injection time are short, and the cooling time is too long or too short.

5. Low or uneven molding temperature, slow injection speed , and low pressure.

6. Improper molding conditions, high stress and poor ejection.

7. Improper use of release agent, uneven cooling after product release, etc.

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