Injection Molding in The Medical Industry

Medical injection molding is a technical method used to manufacture plastic or silicone parts for medical procedures. Plastic or silicone parts may include tools used in surgery or parts that will be placed inside the body. The process of medical molding differs from that of typical plastic injection molding due to the medical elements in the process.

Every step of the medical injection molding process must be absolutely sterile. From the beginning of the process to the final application of the part, a sterile environment must be created. This is especially true in applications where molded parts are used on the human body to augment or replace the function of body parts.

Silicone resins or plastic parts made by medical injection molding are increasingly popular in applications involving amputation. It allows restoration tools designer to use materials with the most realistic capabilities for restoration purposes. Moving the fingers, twisting the wrist or bending the ankle during running are some of the latest improvements in prosthetic technology, primarily through the use of plastics and silicone resins made through an injection molding process. Molded parts are available in the exact dimensions and specifications required for these part types.

Medical plastic injection molding is also used to create perfectly formed tool ends that can be used in medical applications such as internal surgical instruments. Clamping ends and almost any tool not used for precision cutting can be made with these types of parts as long as they are of the highest sterility and medical duty. If the instrument becomes contaminated during creation, packaging or shipping, it is no longer usable for any medical purpose.

Thanks to medical plastic injection, doctors and surgeons are able to expertly remove entire limbs and then implant new prostheses into the body, making them more functional than previously imagined by the medical community. Advances in medical, plastics, and thermoplastics have led directly to the implantation of plastic and metal arms where the arm was lost, and to make the arm function nearly as well as the arm that was removed. . These advances have led many people to believe that something like silicone is on the horizon.

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