What Are the Applications of Injection Molding?

For most industries, it only makes sense to find the most durable materials with the lowest cost to produce the products they need. As a general manufacturing technology, injection molding plays a vital role in the development and creation of many modern products, from consumer toys to aircraft parts.

1. Food and beverages

In terms of injection molding, the food and beverage industry relies heavily on plastic materials to make product packaging and containers. Since the industry must comply with strict disinfection and safety regulations, injection molding is clearly the best choice to ensure that various specifications are achieved, including BPA-free, FDA certification, non-toxic and GMA safety regulations.

From small parts such as bottle caps to trays used in TV dinners, injection molding provides a one-stop service for all packaging and container needs in the food and beverage industry.

2. Auto parts

Many parts of modern cars require extensive and complex design functions to function properly. For this reason, many leaders in the automotive industry have turned to plastic injection molding to develop, plan, and manufacture the parts they need. Typical injection moulding automotive parts include bumpers, instrument panels, and smaller parts such as cup holders and rearview mirror housings.

3. Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Since many medical products must have shatterproof, non-porous and perfect shapes, injection moulding is essential for medical and pharmaceutical production. As the high-volume medical molding companies, the medical industry can benefit from the shortened production time of injection moulding and economical production materials, while still obtaining high-quality medical-grade products. The range of medical and pharmaceutical parts manufactured using injection moulding includes medicine bottles to X-ray components.

4. Household goods

Just simply go to the kitchen and it is very possible to find injection molded products or parts. The building materials used in construction are undeniable. Without injection molding, the industry would not have developed to this day. Like other industries, household products can reduce costs by investing in mass production and shipping them to retail locations around the world.

5. Agriculture

Historically, it has been typical for agriculture to invest in metal-made components because they provide a durable solution. Now, due to the characteristics of new plastic materials such as UV resistance, impact resistance, and moisture resistance, reinforced plastic options are favoured. The ability to manufacture durable agricultural products that can withstand the environmental impact of the farm makes plastic injection molding clearly suitable for agriculture, from feeding troughs to specialized harvesting components.

6. Electronic products

Although many people regard electronic components as metal mechanical parts that mainly run on electricity, extending the life of the system through a corrosion-resistant plastic housing can improve overall performance. It is the first choice to manufacture the shell through the injection molding process. The computer mouse used in the present, and the TV in the living room, may be some components made through plastic injection moulding.

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