Tips of Automotive Injection Molds

Since its birth in the last century, the first three-wheeled car has a speed of 18 kilometers per hour, and now it only takes 0.29 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour. In the past century, the development speed is amazing.

With the development of new materials and new molding technologies, the demand for plastic products in automobiles is increasing. Today, 90% of auto parts are produced by molds. Automotive injection molds are the core of modern industry and are known as the mother of industry.

In short, an automotive injection mold is actually an object that transforms the customer's concept (idea) into an objective fact through a certain form (mode) to achieve the needs of use.

1. Molding car parts: car lights

Automotive injection molds are usually classified by auto parts assemblies, such as headlights: they belong to automotive exterior parts (headlights and rear lights), which are the eyes of the car and give the car its soul. The characteristic of high appearance requirements and rapid changes in product shape and process, which represent the higher technological level of the mold in the plastic mold.

2. Molding car parts: bumper

It belongs to automobile exterior parts (front protection and rear protection), which not only has decorative functions, but also is a safety device that absorbs and mitigates external impact forces and protects the safety function of the car body and occupants. Bumper molds are large and complex in structure, and the production cycle of automobile injection molds is long.

3. Molding car parts: instrument assembly

An assembly (instrument body and auxiliary instrument) in which various indicators and ignition switches are installed in the cab is the control center and decorated object of some equipment. It is the most eye-catching component in the cab and one of the representatives of the style of the whole vehicle.

4. Molding car parts: door panel assembly

It belongs to automobile interior parts (door panel, lower body), and is an important part of automobile interior parts. The injection mold for automobiles is large and the production cycle is relatively long.

5. Molding car parts: side wall assembly

The side walls mainly refer to A, B, C pillars, skirts, fenders, etc., and the external spoiler of the car, which reduces the reverse airflow generated when the car is running, and at the same time increases the downforce of the car, making the car more stable at high speed.

6. Molding car parts: air conditioning assembly

It belongs to the functional parts of the car (the upper and lower parts of the air conditioner), and is a device that adjusts the air quality in the car interior to adjust the temperature, humidity, airflow speed, air cleanliness in the car, so as to create a fresh and comfortable interior environment for the occupants. The structure of the injection mold for the air-conditioning box body is relatively complex, and there is no appearance requirement. It needs to meet the size of the functional installation part.

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