The Design of Automobile Injection Mold

In the development of the automobile industry, the demand for plastic parts is increasing day by day, because the application of plastic parts in the construction of automobiles is very high, that is to say, the quality of plastic parts has a huge role in promoting the development and construction of the automobile field, which requires plastic parts to have quality assurance in production, and it is the mold that determines the quality of plastic parts. There are not a few cases in which the plastic parts produced by the automotive injection mold cause losses to various fields in the application process. It is very helpful for economic development to carry out research on the mold of plastic parts for the purpose of improving the quality and efficiency of plastic parts.

We all know that automobiles are very dependent on the application of plastic parts. At the same time, automobile products are constantly updated. Only by mastering the key and difficult points of molding car parts can the production of automotive injection molds meet the development needs of the automobile industry.

1. The plastic product design of automotive injection mold is the key point

Plastic products are definitely a key link in the design of automotive injection molds. The design of plastic products requires nothing more than to simplify the model of plastic products as much as possible. In particular, the design of depression and fluctuation is best not to appear in the design scheme of plastic products.

The requirement of simplicity in the design of plastic products is a general direction, because there are many small links in the design of plastic products. Simplified design is the requirement for every refinement link of plastic products. On the basis of this requirement, meet the basic requirements of each link, such as the thickness design of the automotive injection mold, should be simplified as much as possible to make the wall thickness of the automotive injection mold as uniform as possible to avoid inappropriate glue positions with uneven thickness. The stiffness and hardness also need to meet the standards, which is a key link to ensure the quality of plastic parts.

2. Classification of plastic products in automotive injection molds in structural design

The inner and outer sides of the plastic product must have a demoulding slope that meets the demoulding standard, which is more conducive to demoulding. In order to make the appearance smooth and the demoulding is not hindered by friction, the plastic products should be as streamlined and smooth as possible in terms of radian and texture.

The plastic products of the automotive injection mold have sharp corners, and these corners are all rounded corners. For the radian problem, the radian tension should be larger at the peripheral corners of the inner and outer sides of the plastic product, which is very necessary.

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