Application of Liquid Silicone Molding Products

1. Liquid silicone molding products have good biological inertness and biocompatibility, very low concentrations of small molecular weight components, and ideal physical properties, and can be modified at the polymer level, making them the first choice for medical devices and medical products.

Its applications include medical device valves, sealing strips, medical implants, medical gloves, medical catheters, balloons, artificial organs, dental impression materials, biological needles for hearing aids, etc.

Due to the high profit margin and large market space of medical products, the development of the application of liquid silicone molding in the medical field has broad prospects and far-reaching significance.

2. Due to its unique chemical bond and structure, liquid silicone molding has many excellent properties such as high and low temperature resistance, hydrophobicity, tracking resistance, electrical corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation, so it is widely used in the power industry. Manufacture of composite insulators.

With the promotion of a series of national projects such as the development of the western region, the upgrading of power grids, and the large-scale construction of high-speed railways, there will be a large demand for insulation products and a larger market. Therefore, the development of liquid silicone molding in the power industry has broad applications. market expectation.

3. Liquid silicone molding products are also widely used in the automotive industry. In foreign countries, the liquid silicone used in the automotive industry accounts for 35% of the liquid silicone usage, which is the largest application field. In China, the proportion of its application in the automotive industry is relatively not too mature.

In the automotive industry, liquid silicone is mainly used in automotive seals, highly transparent LED lights, large and complex optical components, sheaths for spark plug connectors, switch covers, rain sensors, and diaphragms for central locking systems.

4. Liquid silicone molded products are widely used in the manufacture of computer and remote control buttons, mobile phone and digital product sheaths, liquid silicone pacifiers, and liquid silicone due to their soft touch, elasticity, water resistance, and high and low temperature resistance. Waterproof goggles, gloves, liquid silicone toys and liquid silicone living utensils.

The unique characteristics of liquid silicone itself make liquid silicone molding technology diverse. In addition to liquid injection molding and casting molding processes, there are co-injection molding, binary molding, insert molding, extrusion molding, physical foam molding, etc.

Mastering and applying liquid silicone molding technology can not only produce high-quality products, but also save energy and reduce waste, so the development and application of liquid silicone molding technology is of great significance.

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