Why Should Medical Plastic Products Outsource Injection Molding?

Medical plastic products are increasingly widely used in medical equipment, and over 75% of medical plastic products are injection molded. The cost advantage of injection molding, especially in the production of large amounts of medical consumables, as well as the cost and quality advantages exhibited by injection molding, are the main reasons why medical equipment and medical consumables are increasingly using medical injection molding.

Compared with other manufacturing processes, the attractiveness of injection molding is largely due to its versatility and relative accessibility. Sometimes it may be misperceived as easy to produce, which may make in-house injection molding look too attractive. In fact, in-house production is first and foremost expensive and can lead to other unexpected issues.

One solution (being used by countless entrepreneurs and engineers) to address these shortcomings is to outsource your injection molding. There are several main advantages to working with external medical injection molding suppliers to produce your plastic injection molded parts. At a high level, these can be summarized as lower costs, improved medical injection molded part quality, and superior production support, but let's delve a little deeper into the "why" and "how" of these benefits.

The cost of injection molding reduces the cost of equipment

This seems obvious: if you want to do medical injection molding inside your company, you need the equipment to do so. Just pointing out the represented investment scale is worth it here. In addition to the huge cost of new, state-of-the-art medical injection molding machines, you may also need or need automated molding machines, quality inspection tools and equipment, packaging equipment, etc. However, even if you've done the math and determined that over time, your equipment investment will pay off (which is never a certainty), owning and using medical injection molding machinery will still bring many other costs, most of which are more expensive.

Injection molding does not require maintenance costs

The complexity of the injection molding machine means that proper maintenance is both complex and expansive. All of this adds extra time and money for maintenance and routine maintenance, let alone repair and downtime. If you outsource medical injection molding, these costs will be borne by the service provider.

Personnel expenses for optimized injection molding 

Perhaps less about "saving" and more about "redirecting". Medical injection molding machines also require experienced, knowledgeable personnel to operate. Since you may want to maximize your investment and return, you also do not want the machine to be idle, which means two to three shift rotation personnel are needed. By outsourcing these issues and leaving them to your provider, you can better focus on design, engineering, and other business areas.

Economies of scale for injection molding

In a direct sense, working with a medical injection molding supplier can give you lower material costs (because your medical injection molding supplier may buy in bulk) and satisfying fulfillment or shipping speeds. Economies of scale also apply to the above points. For example, if you're wondering if equipment and maintenance costs have been transferred to customers, then economies of scale are also being considered here. These costs are distributed over enough time and enough customers so that their impact on you is minimal or even inconsequential.

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