Matters Need to Be Noted in the Design and Construction of a Clean Room for Injection Molding

Injection molding dust-free workshops are widely used in some basic industries. The difference between the injection molding factory and other industries is that a lot of dust will be generated in the production process. Therefore, there are still a lot of precautions in the design and construction of an injection molding dust-free workshop.

The design of the injection molding dust-free workshop should consider factors such as the heat of the injection molding machine, the height between the injection molding machine and the ceiling, the height of the crane, the temperature and humidity of the environment, the cleanliness, the amount of dust produced by the product, the water supply and drainage of the equipment in the clean room injection process,  and the power distribution of the equipment, etc.

Notes on the overall layout. The crushing, feeding and mixing workshops need to be set up separately to maintain absolute isolation

1. The feeding and mixing rooms are independently separated into small rooms. The equipment commonly used such as drying machine, mold temperature meter, feeder, etc. should be considered in advance when make the pipelines design in case that the pipelines need to be passed through the dust-free wall in the later stage.

2. The location of the crushing room should be far away from the area where the clean room is located.

3. The mould room should be designed outside the clean room, and an air shower room should be set on the passage into the clean room.

4. Separate logistics channels should be set up, equipped with purification equipment.

While providing clean air, we should also pay attention to discharging the exhaust gas of injection molding

1. With installed cleaning air conditioners, the air in the workshop is purified and filtered to meet the design requirements, so that clean and comfortable air is continuously provided to the workshop.

2. Since a large amount of hot waste gas will be generated during the clean room injection molding process in the injection molding factory, which will pollute the air in the workshop, so the waste must be collected through reasonable measures and excluded from the workshop.

Fully automatic feeding, picking and conveying in the injection molding dust-free workshop

1. Adopting the high-pressure automatic feeding system, the automatic feeding of injection molding raw materials can be realized through stainless steel pipes. It is best to arrange the pipes to be buried underground with cables, water supply, and gas supply in the early stage of construction.

2. The injection molding machine adopts the automatic robotic arm combined with the slope conveying belt line body to achieve picking operation.

3. The operators are separated, the products are transported by the ramp belt line to the large belt line, and the finished products are transported to the inspection studio through the large belt line, and the qualified products are classified, sorted and sorted by the operators.

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